Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Capville's List of Products

Fresh Malaysian Local Fruit Juice.

Ready to Drink Calamansi Juice (Jus Limau Kasturi), Mango Juice, PassionFruit Juice (Jus Markisa) and Pumpkin Juice (Jus Labu)

The fruits are being processed within 48 hours after harvesting to retain its natural flavour and freshness. No artificial colouring and flavouring added. Fruits are being cultivated by farmers practicing Natural Farming methods and it is free from any chemical residue from the use of chemical-based fertilizer and pesticide.

Passion Fruit Juice, Passion Fruit Juice with Stevia, Calamansi Juice and Pumpkin Juice.
Bottle Size : 250ml
250ml x 24 bottles = RM84.00 / carton
@ RM3.50 / bottle
* Passion Fruit Juice with Stevia : RM3.80 / bottle *

Mango Juice, Calamansi Juice, Passion Fruit Juice and Pumpkin Juice.
Bottle Size : 300ml
300ml x 24 bottles = RM67.20 / carton
@ RM2.80 / bottle

Passion Fruit Juice and Calamansi Juice
Bottle Size : 2L
2L x 6 bottles = RM90 / carton
@ RM15 / bottle

Passion Fruit and Calamansi Juice
Bottle Size : 5.75L
RM40.00 / bottle

Passion Fruit Jam
Bottle Size : 470g
470g x 12 bottles = RM132 / carton
@ RM11 / bottle